Blog: Through The Eye of the Camera

Woman2Woman, part 2


The second workshop at Leslie's Place produced some wonderful portraits.  It also gave us an opportunity to connect with two of the women we worked with at the first workshop, which was wonderful for us.  Miranda and Josan, we really enjoyed seeing you again.  We're all praying for your success.

We also enjoyed working with one of the resident's two daughters.  Wow-smart, beautiful girls who caught on to the techniques and the technology super-fast.  That was especially fun and lucky for us as we had such a good time with the girls.

But I couldn't close without mentioning the sadness in our hearts when we found out that one of the lively young women we worked with the first time had passed.  Too young, and with too much hope for the future, it seems like everyone and everything failed her in her time of need.  Peace to her soul and may we strive to do better for the most vulnerable among us.

Kristin CassComment