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Gender: Bending, Breaking, Expanding?

Iris In Retrograde, 2018

Iris In Retrograde, 2018

During June and July, work of mine from a project reflecting on gender and identity appeared in exhibits in Chicago and Los Angeles.  The exhibits considered issues from the body to otherness to social constructs and consequences.  They all engaged viewers in conversations about gender and identity in a variety of media.  For those who chafe at the narrow confines of social constructs and those who fear changes to social norms, the conversation is often fraught, but it is necessary.  I was pleased to take part in the dialog.


Red Blue And Rainbow, 2015

My work considering gender and identity is a collaboration between myself and the people in the portraits.  It is also a conversation where I listen to my subjects and ask them to define their own portrayals, and to be the agents of their own narratives as they appear in the photographs.  


At this Point In The Transformation The Wings Begin To Form, 2016

There are so many ways to be human, and each person deserves to live with dignity, compassion, and respect for their human rights.