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Borderlands Under Fire

Girlhood Interrupted

Girlhood Interrupted

Leaving tomorrow to continue field work on Borderlands Under Fire, documenting nonviolent resistance as a response to state sponsored violence. This work is Girlhood Interrupted, and many children’s lives have indeed been Interrupted.  The people we’ve met on the border exhibit resilience, perseverance, creativity and industry as a response to conflict to preserve their communities. They continue to amaze us with their love and humanity. Through art we can connect with each other wherever we live, and through art we can help bring about change. 

America has its own conflict zones, it’s own borders within and without. What can we learn from people on other borders about the power of nonviolence to effect change?

I’m working on this project with writer Araxie Cass. We’ll be posting on the Rebirth Armenia project blog, as well as my website, and of course social media.